Custom Branded Client Gifts
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A Creative Way To Grow Real Estate Referral Business

With such a large percent of a Realtor's business depending on referrals, it has become increasingly important to stay top of mind with your clients, and sphere of influence. The challenge in keeping your company brand in front of this important group can take a significant amount of marketing dollars and time. 
A creative way to get marketing dollar longevity and to stay top of mind, is to customize the gourmet seasoning blends from R​​eal Estate Rubs with your brand. These client gifts will not be thrown away or easily discarded. They will be used & seen often. You will make a big impression, and your contact information will be at your clients fingertips. Follow up with a new seasoning each quarter, and fun recipes from our newsletters and blog. This is a creative way to invest in such an important network of people who support your business. 

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